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Legal awareness and developing information technology

 Legal awareness and developing information technology

Written by - Dibya Prakash Panigrahi

Today we are living at the most interesting point of human civilisation. this age embarks the development of sophisticated scientific technologies as well as various breakthrough in many field whether it may be scientific or social. Man has started the space exploration only a few decades ago and within such a short time it has landed on the moon and already set his eyes on other planets of our solar system. The most essential and significant development was at the information technology. Today people are more connected with each other than they were before a decade. this rapid growth and innovations is quite exhilarating to witness. Today it is quite rare that a person to remain virtually untouched. In the contemporary society technology plays a very crucial role in our day to day life. We are growing more dependent towards the technology. The presence of the people in the cyberspace is more then ever. With the eyes extending cyberspace new avenues are opened for the mankind. along with all there developments. it is quite different to maintain the law and order there are broadly two reason for it firstly the conventional legal system is not up to the task for such matter because it is a newly developed phenomenon and secondly the legislation which are put forth are in their infant stage where we lot needs to be done to build it's strong foundation since the flourishing cyber space is expanding even more a major contributor to it is the pandemic during which the internet consumption was at all time high. The internet can never be good or bad it is only an instrument of use. It is up to the Wielder for what purpose he sought thought it. 

Accordingly legal awareness dictates about two aspects  First one is the digital literacy and the second one is the awareness regarding the rights and duties one must abide to while surfing the cyberspace. 

One must inculcate the fact in kind that laws are only for the protection of the civilians or the citizens so an to ensure their rights are to be upheld in any circumstances. Today we have access to the information more early then even but still we are quite ignorant about the laws governing the cyber space. As mentioned earlier the cyberspace is an instrument but to be exact it is a double edge sword where if a person did not maintain vigil then the consequences are far more critical. Now with the expanded cyberspace the instance of crimes are growing more and more which is the growing concern of the authorities as well as the law enforcement. It is the high time the people are needed to be aware of their rights and duties in cyberspace and need to maintain caution while using the same. 

The legal awareness as we are discussing is not limited inside the cyberspace but with the resources of information technology we must provide people necessary aid so as to comprehend legal infrastructure of the land, and help them to seek the justice from the system by means which is developed through the information technology.